Aaron K

Please accept this letter as my wholehearted recommendation of Joe Wiggell. I have been training with Joe since October 2018. I have been thrilled with the results.

Joe’s impressive fitness and nutrition knowledge combined with a client specific goal-oriented programming has allowed me to lose stubborn body fat, put on lean body mass, and experience dramatic gains in strength while improving my overall form and posture.

Joe is professional, approachable, and detail oriented. I was initially reluctant to seek out personal training but after my first session with Joe it became readily apparent that his experience is truly extensive and I could benefit a great deal from his general fitness expertise and specific technical knowledge in Power and Olympic lifting.

I would describe Joe’s programming as strategic, holistic, and performance oriented. Incorporating short-term and long-term goals with a steady rotation of new exercises kept the sessions fresh and fun. The workouts were challenging, educational, and engaging while his nutritional advice augmented my performance both inside and outside of the gym.

Training with Joe has been a tremendously positive experience. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, see genuine physical change, and smash though plateaus in your training Joe is the man who will get it done.

  • Aaron

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