LifeStretch classes improve mobility and suppleness by removing movement restrictions.  Rather than simply stretching single muscles or an area, we work on entire chains of linked muscles, connective tissue, and fascia. By synchronizing breathing and efficient movement the process finds the best path for each person to achieve free movement and relaxation. It will compliment your own regular exercise regime and will very quickly experience huge gains in mobility and function. 

These classes follow guidelines from the Stretch To Win Institute and includes the elements of the Stretch Matrix, Stretch WaveTM, and Full body restorative stretching programs. 

How does LifeStretch work? 

The system is designed for you using self-traction to create free space within the joints, improve ease of movement, avoid pinching joints, and to enable bigger gains in mobility. Combining movement with breathing, the traction with inhalation is then followed by exhalation with stretching. This rapidly increases the range of motion with no discomfort.