Small Group Training

Fundamentals (of strength training): 

Our 1-hour fundamentals of strength training sessions is an educational class to suit all fitness levels and are specially designed as a personalized coaching experience in a semi-private environment. 

Our focus is for you to acquire the training needed to lift weights efficiently and effectively. We will educate you on our philosophy of continuous improvement to ensure you get the most out of your training. 


Our 1-hour strength training sessions are for those that are serious about your long-term results. Using a variety of strength training modalities, these sessions prioritize using compound movements, and incorporates training muscles through a variety of rep ranges to maximize results.  

Our strength sessions utilize the Kaizen principle of ‘small continuous changes, results in major improvements’ to ensure you are getting stronger session to session, week to week. 

We pride ourselves on coaching proper technique for injury prevention to ensure maximum results in every client during each exercise.  


We offer a 45 minute dynamic full body session incorporating strength training and modified strongman exercises to boost energy and metabolism. These sessions prioritize improved metabolic functions, core strength, and stability. They are a great compliment to your personal training or strength training regimen.