Personal Training

At Kaizen Personal Training we pride ourselves on the attention to detail and engagement for each individual client’s needs. A detailed health history evaluation provide our trainers with the information needed to make it possible for our team to create a personalized exercise prescription based to help you reach and sustain your goals.

A personal training program will help you organize your fitness regime, improve your exercising efficiency and extend your capabilities well beyond your own limits. Starting where you are right now, we design a program specifically to match your situation and work with your goals to get you where you want to be. Working with a trainer will keep you motivated, accountable and consistent. You will learn to exercise with proper technique and avoid injury.

Whether you are wanting to increase, mobility, flexibility, strength, or stamina, we empower to challenge yourself and improve your self-image both physically and mentally.

Our programs include:

· A detailed assessment of your current lifestyle, ability and aims.

· A tailored resistance training program to improve imbalances

· Individualized pre-exercise mobility and muscle activation sequences

· Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to compliment your training program and daily activity level

· Tools to daily measure and manage stress, sleep, digestion, energy levels and overall health

· The mentoring and coaching that will move you to your goals

· Continued guidance to enable you to sustain your improvements