Cathy S

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Joe Wiggell as a personal trainer.  I have worked with Joe from December 2017 to March 2019 and during that time fully achieved the results that I was looking for and for which we built a plan together.

Joe’s method of training involves many techniques that are based on his deep knowledge and understanding of anatomy.  The programs that he put together for my training were very focused and deliberate and directly connected to achieving the results that I wanted.  He also took time in every session to educate me on why we were doing each exercise and how they all connected to our desired results.

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Joe also taught me other aspects of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, the value of different activities, and stretching methods so that I always had informed options for the time during the day that I was not with him.  He helped me to clearly understand that the level of fitness I wanted wasn’t just an hour in the gym with him each day.  He is also very skilled at fascial stretch therapy and we built this into our program as well.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Joe for both personal training and fascial stretch therapy. His skills, knowledge, experience and dedication to his craft are at the very top end of his profession.

Cathie Saroka

Calgary, AB

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