Clem G

I have known Joe since December 2017 when I began personal training sessions at Goodlife
Fitness in Calgary. We continued until March 2019 when Joe left Goodlife. My experience with
Joe has been fantastic and I recommend Joe to anyone needing professional personal training.
I started my fitness journey to after I had surgery on an ankle that I broke falling off a high
ladder. Over 60 and for the first time in a gym, the team at Goodlife once hearing about my
injury told me that Joe was the right man for the job, and they were correct. Joe tested my
capabilities, reviewed my goals and took a whole-body approach to fixing my many deficiencies.
We started with exercise and education on nutrition. I lost 20 pounds while getting stronger
and feeling better. Joe then moved me to strength routines, and I have continued to follow
this program to this day.
I found Joe motivational and knowledgeable about all aspect of physical fitness. His
educational based approach helped me to understand the why of the exercise and therefore
motivate myself to get the work done and see the benefit. I believe I have started a lifelong
journey for physical fitness and strength which will let me live a longer more productive and
active life.
I recommend Joe for anyone who has had injuries and who wants to change their life with more
than just programs, but with knowledge and understanding. Joe has been a great resource for
me, and I am thankful that he helped me recover and change my life.
Clem G.

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