Pierre L

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for Joe Wiggell as a personal trainer.  I began personal training sessions with Joe since February of 2018 and had fantastic results.   Joe trained me until March of 2019 until he left Goodlife Fitness.

From the very beginning, Joe was very professional and focused on meeting my needs and helping me reach my targets.  His approach was to continuously discover my habits and traits and refine my program so that I could reach my goals.  And I did!!  I reached my weight goal and my strength goal

One key trait that I want to point out is Joe’s focus on my success.  Even when I didn’t want to follow the nutrition plan or work as hard as I probably should, Joe encouraged me to follow through and push through.  It’s easy to eat that extra bowl of ice cream or not do that last rep.  But Joe always pushed me through.  As a result, we have become very good friends, a definite bonus I didn’t expect when I first signed up to train with him. 

Since reaching my goals, I have continued to maintain them using the programs set out by Joe (including nutrition and lifestyle), and I feel great.  I encourage you work with Joe and get these results for yourself!



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