Ted G

Please accept this letter as my wholehearted recommendation of Joe Wiggell. I have known Joe since last quarter 2015, when I began personal training sessions in Calgary. Joe remained my trainer until his relocation to Ontario in the last quarter of 2016. 

My experience with Joe can be best be described as professional, focused, targeted and results-oriented, while also being exceptionally pleasant and informative. From the moment Joe took me on as a client, his approach was entirely about discovery (habits, traits, history), testing of abilities, and then delivery of an actionable and progressive plan that was based around education as much as it was around performance. Joe never once introduced an exercise or nutrition component that wasn`t presented with reasoning and strategy behind it. As someone who had for many years neglected an exercise plan, Joe managed my progression effectively while continually challenging me and ensuring correct fundamentals of posture and form. And even when pushing me strategically, he maintained an friendly environment focussed on being a team in my development. 

I fully admit that were it not for Joe`s exceptional ability to understand my motivational points, drivers and abilities, I would not be nearly as successful in my health, nutrition and exercise plans. His coaching and mentoring, resourcefulness and dedication, empathy and guidance have truly made all the difference. I encourage you to see for yourself!

  • Ted

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